Enhancing Tenant Management: Unveiling the Power of Customer Journey Mapping

Aug 25, 2023

Are you grappling with the complexities of tenant management? There’s a transformative solution you might not have explored yet — customer journey mapping. This process entails delving into the experiences of customers as they engage with a business. By analysing their interactions, housing providers can uncover valuable insights that lead to an improved tenant experience. From trimming wait times and enhancing communication to simplifying information retrieval, customer journey mapping has the potential to reshape the landscape of tenant-provider relationships.

Shedding Light on Karbon Homes: An IFF Case Study

The IFF gives us a glimpse into the world of customer journey mapping through a Karbon Homes case study- https://www.iffresearch.com/case-studies/customer-journey-map-universal-credit/. This housing provider harnessed the power of customer journey mapping to delve into the financial realities faced by residents. The impact was profound, with the company declaring, “The customer journey map is an organisation-wide talking point”.

In the Karbon Homes case, they conducted surveys that allowed tenants to candidly share their experiences and financial situations. This initiative resulted in a wide array of data. Two crucial takeaways emerge: firstly, housing providers gained an in-depth data collection on their tenants; secondly, the potential for a streamlined, accessible data platform to house this information became evident. Imagine the possibilities if all this rich information could be harnessed to predict needs and devise strategies tailored to residents’ requirements.

Unlocking a World of Potential Benefits

The horizon of potential benefits from customer journey mapping stretches far and wide, but let’s focus on a few standout advantages:

1. Predictive Strategies

Armed with substantial data, housing providers can analyse and predict strategies to support tenant needs proactively, rather than reacting after issues arise. This shift from reactive to proactive can revolutionise tenant satisfaction and overall well-being.

2. Elevated Customer Engagement

By monitoring tenant needs and actively encouraging their feedback, housing associations can cultivate heightened engagement, fostering a more content resident community and elevated satisfaction rates.

3. Tailored Insights for Each Tenant

Imagine embarking on a tenant’s journey right from move-in to lease-end. This comprehensive approach empowers housing providers to track trends, assess satisfaction levels, and gain a holistic view of the tenant experience within a specific housing association.

Empowerment Through Cyferd’s Vision

As you amass intricate tenant-specific data, the need for seamless access and interconnectedness becomes paramount. This is where Cyferd steps in with its remarkable capabilities. With Cyferd’s technology, navigating the labyrinthine world of data becomes effortless. Our streamlined platform allows you to access customer journey maps with a simple click, providing a centralised hub for valuable insights.

Furthermore, our interconnected applications ecosystem offers a range of possibilities — from tracking repair costs to managing rents and income, this approach not only saves time but also streamlines processes, leading to cost-efficiency. Cyferd’s cutting-edge AI software, Neural Genesis, expedites the creation of these interconnected applications, offering housing providers more time to harness their newfound data to devise strategies or a better future.

In the realm of tenant management, customer journey mapping is a beacon of promise, poised to transform interactions between housing providers and residents. By leveraging technology like Cyferd’s, the journey to an enriched tenant experience becomes smoother, more insightful, and ultimately, more rewarding for all stakeholders involved.

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