At Cyferd, everyone has a seat at the table. We value diverse thinking, open communication, and unique problem-solving; whether you’re an idealist or a pragmatist, whether you prefer being a leader or love collaborative work,
you can excel at Cyferd.

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Working at Cyferd

We are constantly looking to build our team of visionaries, disrupters, and champions. Can you envision solutions in different ways? Do you love a challenge?

From software engineering to UX/UI design to marketing, our employees are key to making Cyferd successful.

“Cyferd is a next-generation digital transformation platform that allows users to build an interconnected ecosystem of associated apps in the cloud.”

What We Offer



At Cyferd, there’s no 9 to 5. We work with our employees to ensure that they can work in an environment that suits them.

job training


New arrivals at Cyferd receive a comprehensive training approach that allows them to learn and grow as they are welcomed by the team.



We offer generous time off and an open, transparent approach to sick days and parental leave.



Cyferd is planning several team-building events and we encourage our staff to attend external events and conferences that we believe reflect our ethos as a company.

Our Culture

Cyferd is an Equal Opportunity employer; at Cyferd, we believe in diversity and equality for everyone. Team meetings at Cyferd routinely involve members from all different levels, from CEO to intern, and all team members are invited to offer their ideas. 

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Current Job Openings

What we’re looking for depends on the department, but we believe in opportunities for everyone regardless of background or skillset; we prioritise the desire to help Cyferd grow as a pioneer in the digital world.

Have a look below to see some of our recent openings. Don’t see one that fits your skills? Get in contact with us at Cyferd.