Cyferd is a low-code digital transformation platform that revolutionises business solutions by allowing users to build an ecosystem of interconnected associated apps in the cloud.

InterconnectED business solutions

  • Easily design and implement any solution on a single shared data layer.

  • Remove weak integrations between application silos.

  • Organically connect and build associated applications to tackle any business solution

  • Build upon previously developed associated apps

  • Emphasise data relationships and powerful insights at the source

  • Utilise intuitive low-code/no-code tools

One Platform. One Data Layer. Any Solution

Optimise your user journey by rethinking siloed development processes. Cyferd’s digital transformation platform innovates with a single data layer, meaning that each associated app you construct builds on previous apps. Take a look at our videos below to find out more information.

One cloud-based platform that will simplify and accelerate your digital transformation platform.

One single Dynamic Data Layer that allows users to build a system of integrated apps within one platform in the cloud.

Design and develop any business solution, without the associated complexity of custom development.


Follow the links below to learn more about Cyferd’s platform and its benefits to digital healthcare, as well as what its low-code offerings mean for DevOps teams.

Built With Healthcare in Mind.

Cyferd employs a single Dynamic Data Layer and low-code user interface to simplify business solutions for medical staff, so that they can communicate and convey data more efficiently. Innovating a single layer of data means that NHS enterprises can access all of their associated apps within the same cloud system, rather than deal with bulky legacy databases or constrained data silos.

The Future of Low-Code.

The future of low-code and no-code technology is looking bright. Cyferd’s next-generation platform utilises low-code/no-code technology in the cloud to accelerate digital transformation journeys and streamline business solutions. With the optimism surrounding low-code development tech, Cyferd is confident that it will bring ground-breaking ideas and processes to the Software as a Service (SaaS) market and override what’s currently on offer.

Digital Transformation. Explore the Next-Generation

Cyferd’s features are designed to make business solutions accessible to everyone within a company.

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