One Platform, Any Solution

Cyferd puts operational data at the heart of solution development.

Integrate intelligence into all your business processes. Cyferd solutions share ‘live’ operational data across solutions allowing business users to do more work in less time, creating fewer mistakes and enabling developers to build advanced task automation and validation.

Ground-breaking technology on the Cyferd Platform

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Business Lenses

Normally, business processes traverse multiple areas and applications, causing manual work and inefficiency.

Cyferd business lenses replace traditional business applications, removing the limitations that confine their scope and functionality.

A business lens is dynamic and can access all the relevant data and flows, spanning and overlapping with other business lenses on the Cyferd platform, removing the shackles, and empowering solution innovation and automation.



All your organizational data stored in the Cyferd Platform is simply a search away.

CySearch helps you access your data without the need to log in to multiple software solutions or applications. Grab the data you need, and begin the task at hand.

Find any departmental data across your business lenses, from leads to expense reports, holiday requests, and more, all in one centralized place.

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Neural Genesis

TM of Cyferd

Neural Genesis builds integrated data solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

After inputting a few words, CyferdNG uses A.I. to generate business lenses (business applications) in seconds, that can be implemented enterprise-wide.

Business lenses can be generated in minutes, saving your IT team months of work at the touch of a button and allowing you to scale fast with data at the core.

The possibilities are endless

Seamlessly connect every app you design and build. Your data is always up to date. Never lose track of your data across apps.

Capture & Connect

  • Capture new data in minutes​
  • Connect to existing data
  • Extend your data model

Build Any Solution

  • Drag & Drop app builder​
  • Seamlessly reuse existing data and business assets​
  • Accelerate transformation with template apps

Everything Connected, Anything Possible

  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Augment current capabilities
  • Connect with 3rd party APIs and services

Native Mobile App Experience

  • Access all of your platform applications on mobile
  • Build applications on desktop once, and use them across all your devices without any further configuration
  • Download from the App Store & Google Play Store
  • Changes to Cyferd applications reflect immediately on mobile

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