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Why you should join our Journey

Cyferd is a multi-experience development platform that enables organizations to build an ecosystem of business apps in the cloud.

Cyferd is dedicated to its partners. As our company grows, we’re looking for visionary implementation partners to build on our success.

Watch our partner introduction video for more information on what it’s like to partner with Cyferd.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming one of Cyferd’s Implementation Partners.

Our partner portal may still be under construction, but we’re already accepting applications from potential implementation partners who are keen to promote the next wave of digital business transformation.

Application Process

In order to apply, your organization must be a legally registered company and have an operational corporate website. The application needs to be completed by a person who has authority to bind your organization.

All applications will go through business approval. Cyferd reserves the right to decline an application.

The application steps:

  1. Application form. In order for us to assess your organization’s partnership potential, we require some information. Below application form will request your company details, solution sales focus and contact information.
  2. Review Process. After submitting your application, our screening process will assess its suitability. If your application meets our criteria, one of our representatives will reach out to you within ten business days.
  3. Finalizing Paperwork. Each successful application is finalized by accepting our Non-Disclosure Agreement, Partner Agreement and Partner Compliance Certification.

Partner News & Updates

More to come for our Partners

As Cyferd grows, so will our network of business partners and resellers. Some of the perks of partnering with Cyferd include access to resources and outreach events. Our partners will be listed on our accessible global database, making communication and community between enterprises easier than ever. 

Upcoming Partner Developments

  • Marketing Resources, including webinars and presentation templates

  • Events. Cyferd will host a series of partner-focused in-person events around the United Kingdom and globally, as our company grows

  • Access to R&D and early beta versions of solutions

  • Early access to roadmaps

Stay tuned for more updates.