Clinical Accelerator Programme

The Cyferd Clinical Accelerator Programme (CAP) is a pilot programme designed to streamline adoption and implementation of the Cyferd solution for our healthcare customers, helping them to accelerate their digital transformation on an easy and accessible timeline.

About the Programme

What is CAP?

As part of our commitment to drive positive digital change within the healthcare industry, we at Cyferd want to help our early healthcare customers by providing them with the dedicated industry specialists and support managers that they need to secure effective change within their organisations.

Cyferd’s Clinical Accelerator Programme (CAP) has been allocated up to £1m to help healthcare providers achieve digital transformation using the platform.

Throughout each cohort of CAP, healthcare providers will be able to work with Cyferd specialists on tailored digital solutions for their organisation. The programme will include a clear timeline with specific goals and deliverables, enabling us to work with healthcare Trusts to build up a business case and accelerate adoption of agile digital transformation across your organisation.

What to expect

We work with you

Cyferd identifies two main components to digital transformation; these are software-focused and change management-focused. Cyferd will work with CAP applicants to assess the type of support needed to create effective digital solutions for each organisation.


The benefits of this abound; CAP is an effective way to utilise the Cyferd platform on a trial basis, to assess whether it is the right fit for the healthcare organisation.

Dedicated Support

Each CAP cohort organisation will receive a dedicated support manager from Cyferd, who will work with them to collaborate on a use case that can be built using the Cyferd platform and implemented to achieve digital healthcare solutions.

Future Planning

At the end of the project, Cyferd will offer applicants the chance to expand their usage at a discounted rate to review further opportunities for solutions.

Applications are open now


The Clinical Accelerator Programme operates in cohorts, with the first Spring 2022 cohort accepting applications from January 1, 2022.

Because this is an opportunity designed to maximise the potential of the Cyferd platform to drive positive change in digital healthcare through an accessible route, we invite applicants from different healthcare backgrounds, such as:

  • NHS Trusts
  • Integrated care systems
  • Any other health or social care providers

Have an innovative idea?

We do not limit applicants to a particular healthcare profession, and we encourage those with an outline for an innovative idea to achieve effective digital transformation within an area of their organisation.

This could include further solutions concentrated in:

  • Operations
  • Digital records
  • Patient portals
  • Maternity care
  • Surgery
  • Resource management
  • Health integrations
  • Social care integration
  • And more

Start your Application

To apply, fill in the form below, including a brief description of your proposed project and why you think that the Cyferd CAP would benefit your healthcare organisation.

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