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Our executive leadership team at Cyferd helps to lead the company in executing cutting-edge digital solutions for multiple industries.

Meet the Team

Ranjit Bahia, CEO at Cyferd

Ranjit Bahia

Chief Executive Officer

Revolutionary, dynamic, and determined to disrupt the Tech industry, critically acclaimed CEO Ranjit Bahia is paving a new road to success. He has led two organizations into back-to-back exit acquisitions by billion-dollar multinationals in 2017 and 2020, Ranjit’s implementation of strategic innovation within his cross-disciplined teams has built a workforce to be reckoned with. Ranjit’s philanthropic approach to business direction is a fundamental component in Cyferd’s exponential growth.

Abdulla Al Mutaiwee

President of Cyferd Dubai

Abdulla is a visionary leader with a passion for excellence and a proven track record of success across industries. Abdulla brings his extensive experience in negotiation, business planning, and operations management to his new role as President of Cyferd Dubai. Under Abdulla’s guidance, Cyferd has exploded into the Middle Eastern market, expanding the company’s reach and impact into the region. His strategic vision and ability to execute that vision have enabled the company to thrive in this new and highly competitive market. As President of Cyferd Dubai, Abdulla will continue to build on the company’s success, driving innovation and growth through strategic partnerships, customer-focused initiatives, and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of the business.

Anne-Louise Bee, COO

Anne-Louise Bee

Chief Operating Officer

As a multi-award-winning international Woman in Tech, Cyferd’s COO Anne-Louise Bee is a true trailblazer in the Women in Tech movement. Anne-Louise is truly in the driver’s seat, creating lasting, positive change toward equality in the workplace. Anne-Louise’s most recent initiative is currently making its way through Universities across the UK to create employment opportunities for young aspiring female students through Cyferd’s “Competition of Innovation”. Anne-Louise seamlessly coordinates all operational processes to ensure Cyferd’s momentum stays rapid and consistent and encourages the smooth running of the commercial departments.

Paul Sandhu

Chief Financial Officer

Paul has spent the past twenty years working as COO & CFO at Whitelaw Twining Law Corporation, a Canadian law firm. During that time, Paul’s overarching responsibilities included the management of the firm’s business operations, on top of the strategic and business development of the firm. Over that time the firm grew its size and revenue by 800% and became the largest litigation-only focused law firm in Western Canada. As the Chief Finance Officer at Cyferd, Paul is tasked with replicating his success in a professional services environment and managing and optimizing Cyferd’s finance and business operations as well as providing key strategic and business development guidance as a member of Cyferd’s senior management team.

Haider Al-Seaidy

Chief Customer Officer

Haider is incredibly passionate about driving operational changes through improving organizational management and analytics. Throughout his career Haider has gained significant experience working for some of the largest, most successful tech companies, landing prestigious accounts and leading multi-million-dollar deals. In his role at Cyferd, Haider leads the Customer Success Team, leading the effort to create business value from the Cyferd platform as quickly and easily as possible. In his spare time, Haider enjoys watching and taking part in motor racing.

Richard Byard

Chief Product / Technical Officer

With over 25 years of experience dealing with the challenge of organizational change, Rich is driven to make the complex simple and to permanently change how organizations address their increasing need to be agile in their changing environments. With a wealth of experience across many industry verticals, and with significant prior start-up success, he leads Cyferd’s product and development teams to redefine how we solve our customer’s challenges. When out of the office, Rich has a passion for rescuing animals and escaping to the mountains, on foot or by bike.

Nacho Bibian Chief Architect Officer

Nacho Bibian

Chief Architecture Officer

Describing himself as “obsessed” with recursivity, Nacho began his career following his bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Nacho joined the Sales & Marketing team for Spanish Qlik provider BiyCloud before moving across the company to their IT department, where he quickly progressed to Technical Lead and then COO. Nacho has a natural affinity for product development and has had all of his products acquired by companies. Whilst at BiyCloud, Nacho created LLodi, linked to BiyCloud and a certified Qlik Technology Partner. Following his time at BiyCloud, Nacho worked as Lead Architect at RoxAI, a company that acquired LLodi’s IP. RoxAI was later acquired by Qlik and Nacho took on a role as Senior Software Architect. When Cyferd acquired Nacho’s company Tetrakursio in 2022, Nacho joined the Cyferd team where he now holds the position of Chief Architecture Officer, leading the development team and product definition tasks.

Gavin Partington

Gavin Partington

Platform Security Architect

Gavin moved to Cyferd after spending 10 years as a security analyst for a US Telco, having spent the 20 years prior to that serving as a Royal Signals Information Systems engineer for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Gavin brings over two decades of Information Security experience and is an active contributor to Cyber Security forums. Gavin currently develops and maintains Cyferd’s security strategy and ensures that this aligns with the business strategy by effectively communicating with the board, whilst driving the GRC element within Cyferd. Outside of work, Gavin is a keen traveler alongside his partner Karen and their 2 miniature dachshunds.

Greg Merten

Senior VP of Alliances and Partnerships

Greg has held an interest in technology and cybersecurity ever since the birth of games and mobile apps. Greg brings a wealth of experience to Cyferd, having worked for over 25 years in telecommunications and technology, including 9 years at Blackberry where he was responsible for Technology and ISV Partnerships. In his role at Cyferd, Greg is responsible for alliances and partners, and works to create a partner ecosystem that includes cloud technology, professional services, and reseller partners.

Matt Heys, SVP Healthcare

Matt Heys

Senior VP of Healthcare

Matt began his career working as a Software Developer for the NHS, following the completion of his degree in Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology in which he graduated top of his class. Matt’s work at the NHS led to award-winning business intelligence dashboards which were internationally recognized as the cornerstone of organizational strategy. In his role at Cyferd, Matt brings together his technical experience and his knowledge of healthcare industry specialization to craft solutions to solve the problems faced by health and social care organizations.

Baljit Virdee

Senior VP of Sales

Baljit has worked within Financial Services and Sales for 17 years and during this period has run both National sales teams and Call Centre-based sales organizations offering Financial Services. Baljit has developed sales teams to maximize revenue and streamline the sales process, to increase efficiency, revenue, and productivity without impacting quality. Within Cyferd, Baljit works as the SVP of Sales to deliver strategy around the deployment and distribution of the Cyferd Platform. To deliver this, Baljit relies upon his wealth of experience to develop a forward-thinking, inclusive, and quality-driven team.

Pav Basra

Director of Compliance

Pav came to Cyferd with over a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry, before moving to an executive position in the business intelligence sector. Pav brings vast experience in start-ups and varied industries and works to facilitate effective operations behind the scenes at Cyferd and ensures that communications flow smoothly between teams, as well as making sure that compliance is covered end-to-end. Pav is a keen traveler and enjoys experiencing new places around the world.

Niall Gallacher

Director of Business Value

With over 25 years of experience in Data, Analytics, and BI, Niall brings a wealth of knowledge to his role at Cyferd. As Director of Business Value, Niall talks to organizations about their business, their strategy & their challenge, and then, using this information, he leverages his vast experience to advise how they might gain value from their data and transformation.

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