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Our executive team at Cyferd helps to lead the company in executing cutting-edge digital solutions for multiple industries.

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Ranjit Bahia, CEO at Cyferd

Ranjit Bahia

Chief Executive Officer

As the founder and CEO of Cyferd, Ranjit is dedicated to forging ahead in the healthcare industry and breaking conventions to achieve real change. Equal parts entrepreneur, investor, and innovator, he has overseen two back-to-back acquisitions and is a power player in the rising tech industry. He is committed to the Cyferd vision and dreams of a world where digital transformation is made accessible to every industry.

Anne-Louise Bee, COO

Anne-Louise Bee

Chief Operating Officer

Born in Leicestershire, England, Anne-Louise was one of the first team members to join Cyferd with 14 years of executive experience running her own business. As the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Anne-Louise works closely with the leadership team to ensure the smooth running of the business, as well as fostering a positive and encouraging environment in which to grow. When Anne-Louise is not being active, in her spare time she enjoys visiting new places and understanding varied cultures.

Haider Al-Seaidy

Chief Customer Officer

Haider is passionate about driving operational changes through better organization, management, and analytics of data. He has built and run sales engineering, professional services, and global account teams at some of the world’s most successful tech companies across the globe. Passionate about solution development, Haider has experience developing models designed to detect financial crime and insider threats. In his spare time, Haider enjoys watching and taking part in motor racing.

Matt Heys, SVP Healthcare

Matt Heys

Senior VP of Healthcare

Matt is a power player who’s passionate about empowering healthcare professionals through digital transformation and improving the lives of patients. After graduating from Lancaster University with a First in Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology, Matt built a BI & Data Science service from the ground up. He has over a decade of experience working in the NHS across the information security and governance, software development, and project management sectors. Matt is also an advocate for open discussions on mental health, particularly depression; he lives in Cumbria with his wife, 3 cats, 5 guitars, and an electronic drum kit.

Greg Merten

Senior VP of Alliances and Partnerships

Ever since the birth of mobile apps and games, when the first phones had monochrome screens, Greg has been interested in technology and cybersecurity. Bringing his experience working with innovation and data, Greg is responsible for alliances and partners at Cyferd. He works to identify partners that are great matches for the Cyferd Platform. In his spare time, Greg enjoys spending quality time with family, participating in triathlons, and playing football. Although French, Greg has lived in the UK for over 25 years and has recently received British citizenship.

Peggy Cremers, Creative Marketing Director

Peggy Cremers

Director of Creative Marketing

As our Director for Creative Marketing, Peggy Cremers has many years of experience in the design industry. Gaining her knowledge in both graphic and digital design, as well as business marketing from working in the construction design industry, Peggy has run and managed her own creative design companies since 2012. She has an incredible passion for anything design and finds a way to apply her strong creative flair and hawk eyes when it comes to attention to detail for marketing projects. Originally from the Netherlands, Peggy holds a B.Sc. in Wildlife Management and once presented a thesis paper on polar bears at an international conference!

Nacho Bibian Chief Architect Officer

Nacho Bibian

Chief Architecture Officer

Describing himself “obsessed” with recursivity, Nacho began his career in product development and has had all of his products acquired by companies. He describes writing code as similar to writing a language, with infinite ways to connect the dots between points A and B. Aside from work, he is an avid reader, writer, and filmmaker, and plans to work on bringing some of his current scripts to life on screen.

Pav Basra

Director of Compliance

Pav came to Cyferd with over a decade of experience in the telecommunications sector, before moving to an executive position in the business intelligence industry. He brings his experience in startups and varied industries, to facilitate effective operations behind the scenes at Cyferd and ensure that communications flow smoothly between teams, as well as making sure that compliance is covered end-to-end. Pav is a keen traveler and enjoys experiencing new places around the world.

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