Manage your property portfolio with digital housing solutions that allocate appropriate resources to improve tenant wellbeing & satisfaction.

Improving housing solutions

Help digitally transform your business operations

Manage your resources

  • Manage tasks
  • Plan & track your workforce
  • Allocate & manage assets

Develop data-centric solutions

  • Data-driven business operations
  • Users have access to all relevant data
  • Users understand data relationships
  • Template solutions accelerate value

Housing use cases

Lift your property and tenant data away from legacy systems and spreadsheets

Portfolio management

Have a global view of all your various property portfolios at your fingertips.

View your occupancy rates, current returns and track various investments to upgrade properties and the impact on property valuations.

Be fully prepared for important Investor discussions by having all your property portfolio data available, always fully up to date, on any device.

Maintenance, repairs, and upgrades

Plan all of the many and varied tasks required for your properties. Whether routine planned maintenance, emergency repairs, or major upgrades are funded by capital investment, you can always have full visibility of your M&R activities.

Celebrate the benefits of all your hard work by sharing all of your progress and task data throughout your organization and with your tenants.

Sustainability, EPC, energy & carbon footprint

Take complete control of your sustainability commitments and investments. Have sustainability, energy, carbon emissions and EPC rating available at your fingertips for every property across all of your property portfolios.

Extend access to your enviable sustainability credentials to everyone in your extended community: tenants, employees, suppliers, and investors.

Workforce and supply chain management

Deliver workforce productivity efficiencies through effective job scheduling. Allocate resources with the appropriate skills, qualifications, and certifications.

Prioritize activities based on urgency or group tasks to improve resource utilization from within your organization or more widely to your supply chain.

Compliance reporting

Automate the complex task of collating data for compliance reports. Simply connect to your different systems (or spreadsheets) to gather all of the required data in one place.

When government requirements change, an easy-to-use data flow builder tool can quickly create new compliance reports to save substantial time and effort.

Tenant Experience / Engagement / Portal

Improve tenant experience by providing them with greater information about their tenancy. Provide a portal where they can submit work requests and track maintenance or repair appointments.

Allow tenants to view their payment history and any arrears so they can better informed about future payment commitments. Open & transparent communication improves tenant satisfaction.

Explore industries

Tailor solutions to your organizational needs


  • Understand patient needs
  • Allocate clinician time effectively
  • Improve community healthcare
  • Cyferd CAP (Clinical Accelerator Programme)


  • Efficiently manage client risk
  • Automate complex data workflows
  • Reduce process effort / focus on expertise

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