Improve the understanding of patient needs and efficiently use digital solutions to allocate clinician time and improve community healthcare.

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Improving healthcare solutions

Make your data work for everyone through digital transformation

Manage your resources

  • Manage tasks
  • Plan & track your workforce
  • Allocate & manage assets
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Develop data-centric solutions

  • Data-driven business operations
  • Users have access to all relevant data
  • Users understand data relationships
  • Template solutions accelerate value

Watch the video to learn more about how Cyferd can innovate healthcare through digital transformation.

Join the Cyferd CAP programme

Cyferd CAP (Clinical Accelerator Programme) is a programme designed to streamline the adoption and implementation of the Cyferd solution for all our healthcare customers.

We want to help you accelerate your digital transformation on an easy and accessible timeline.

Healthcare use cases

Take control of your healthcare data from across all of your healthcare systems

Patient experience & engagement

Improve patient experience by providing them with informed choices. Help patients understand and take control of their own health. Share their diagnosis and prescription information via mobile apps. Allow patients to interact with health providers digitally.

Hospital capacity planning & infection control

Plan and allocate departmental capacities to meet your forecast demand patterns throughout the year. Review and update plans and scenarios as demand fluctuates.

Layer infection control measures on top of real-time capacities and availability to dynamically view any variance to plans.

Patient flow, queuing & waiting

Monitor the various capacities across your integrated healthcare system in real-time then overlay the current demand to understand where there are patient queues and wait times that impact different levels of patient health.

Connected care

Make patient journeys seamless across GP’s, hospitals, pharmacies & social care by providing secure access to patient data throughout your integrated healthcare system.

Plan outpatients effectively to improve ongoing patient health

Clinical & patient portals

Collate data from across your myriad of systems to give clinicians access to all of the important data they need to be effective in an easy-to-use health portal accessible from any device with powerful AI, ML, and search.

Extend your health portal to patient to enable patients to take greater control of their healthcare decisions.

Patient journey mapping

Collate data from multiple siloed healthcare systems to proactively monitor patient journeys across the full spectrum of healthcare scenarios. Use this data to quickly highlight inefficiencies and areas for focused change. Then track the many benefits arising from your diligent continuous improvement programs.

Explore industries

Tailor solutions to your organizational needs


  • Manage your property portfolio
  • Efficiently allocate appropriate resources
  • Improve tenant wellbeing & satisfaction


  • Efficiently manage client risk
  • Automate complex data workflows
  • Reduce process effort / focus on expertise

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