Improve the understanding of patient needs and efficiently use digital solutions to allocate clinician time and improve community healthcare.

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Revolutionizing Digital Healthcare Solutions


Bring your hospital into the 21st century with a system designed to integrate across your trust, remove the boundaries created by clunky legacy systems, and promote care.


Introduce your patients to our Integrated Care Platform, the only system that puts the patient at the centre and removes the barriers between primary, secondary, and tertiary care, creating a seamless patient journey.


Encourage workforce satisfaction through our HR application, eradicate complaints about poor workforce planning with our consultant planning app and drive employee wellbeing with our wellness application.

Healthcare Innovation

Taking control of your healthcare data.

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Clinical Accelerator Programme

Cyferd CAP (Clinical Accelerator Programme) is a programme designed to streamline the adoption and implementation of the Cyferd solution for all our healthcare customers.

We want to help you accelerate your digital transformation on an easy and accessible timeline.

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