Simplify ESG reporting and drive actionable change in your ESG program with the Cyferd Platform.

Achieve better ESG ratings

Many organizations that have successful Sustainability programs have moved beyond simple annual ESG reporting to incorporate sustainability into their operational DNA. The Cyferd ESG application could help you achieve the same in your business.

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Long-term Targets

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Capturing new data

Assign accountable and responsible resources against goals & activities

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Identify ESG KPIs

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Calculate improvements

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How the Cyferd Platform can help you

Business Objectives

As time goes on, your organization may want to expand the boundaries for ESG as the appetite for sustainability and ethical business grows, to meet increasing aspirations from regulators, customers, and investors.

Take Accountability & Track Progress

Use the Cyferd Platform to introduce accountability and sustainable practices into every part of your organization and track your evolving progress across departments, projects, and change activities.

ESG Features

Add modern features for ESG such as automated workflows, notifications, search, mobile access, and ESG disclosure reporting. Where you lack ESG coverage in your business, you can now cover it with Cyferd.

Integrate & Capture

Whether you need to modify existing Cyferd apps to accommodate new requirements, build new apps or augment existing systems, you’ll be able to integrate and capture the data you need quickly and use the platform to record sustainability across your entire organization.

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