Flexible Pricing

Tired of being tied into app-based or user-based licensing plans? With Cyferd’s flexible pricing model, you pay as you consume, so you benefit immediately.

Consumption-based Pricing

Predictable Pricing


Is demand for your products and / or services fixed week in and week out… or does your business operate in the real world where demand constantly varies over time?


The traditional approach to licensing software required you to have a crystal ball to predict the level of licenses to meet your future demand.

With Cyferd, you pay for units as you consume – a unit is based on utilization metrics

Transparent Pricing
Flexible Pricing


You only pay for your average unit consumption each quarter. Occasional peaks can easily be accommodated with minimal cost impact. Cost per unit reduces as utilization increases.

  • You can ‘burst’ at any time
  • Occasional users don’t cost as much as Power Users
  • Build as many apps as you need
  • Our price includes storage and compute so there are no additional hidden costs

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