Platform capabilities

The capabilities of our digital transformation platform revolutionize the way business applications can be rapidly developed, allowing users to easily capture and share critical operational data.

Explore the capabilities

Revolutionizing the way you develop business applications

Innovate the way you work

Change the way you collect, utilize and benefit from operational data.

  • Digitize your operations
  • Improve operational decision-making
  • Improve digital maturity & adoption

Change your development approach

A no-code platform that offers greater flexibility and a faster development.

  • A development platform for businesspeople
  • Drag-and-drop app builder
  • Multiple apps, consistent data

Automate processes and data integration

Simplify the complex data tasks and labor-intensive processes.

  • Automate processes with drag-and-drop workflow
  • Simple and intuitive data integration
  • Workflows guide user experience

Collect and share accurate and consistent data

Putting data at the center of your business applications.

  • Create a unified data model for all your apps
  • An intuitive GUI data modeling experience
  • Benefit from data shared across all your apps

Increase flexibility and agility

Flex and adapt your operations easily with a secure cloud-native platform.

  • Cloud-native is modern, built from the ground up, for the cloud
  • Enterprise-grade security features built-in to protect users and data
  • Repurpose IT staff to higher-value tasks

Explore your industry

Deliver operational excellence in your industry

Make your digital transformation successful by creating all the business solutions you need for your industry in one place on the Cyferd Platform.

  • Tailor solutions to your industry
  • Deliver flexible applications for your organization
  • Adapt solutions across all your departments

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