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Data Clan

Data Clan utilizes a cross-disciplinary approach to built environment and building challenges, enhancing outcomes like cost-efficiency, organizational cohesion, and solution efficacy, particularly in the context of safety-critical systems.

Perfect Image

A group dedicated to helping clients achieve intelligent digital solutions through data, cloud, and IT consultancy services, will utilize the Cyferd Platform to build out solutions relating to the housing industry. Perfect Image has partnered with many organizations within the social housing industry, like Onward Homes, Plus Dane, Sussex Housing, and more.

Differentia Consulting

Differentia Consulting, the technology-focused BI and ERP consultancy that has specialized in solutions, support, and training in several different fields since 2002, is excited to be moving forward on a new business venture. They aim to help businesses achieve operational excellence, adopt hyper-automation strategies, and become more agile.

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