Closing the gap program

Cyferd’s “Closing the Gap” program is designed to bring together female-identifying developers with employment opportunities within our team.

Discover Cyferd’s commitment to inclusivity in technology.

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About The CTG Program

Cyferd’s dedication to uplifting women in the technology industry

Did you know?

According to TechJury and TechRadius, most men working in tech “consider their workplaces diverse when it comes to gender”, while only 47% of women agree.

Sound familiar? At Cyferd, we know the struggle of getting underrepresented groups in the door in the technology industry.

Cyferd's Commitment

Here at Cyferd, our team is just over 35% female-identifying, compared to the average of just 19% (Source: Women in Tech).

Moreover, 72% of women in tech are regularly outnumbered by men in business meetings by at least a 2:1 ratio, with 26% of women report being outnumbered by 5:1 or more (Source: TechJury)

So, what gives? Cyferd is committed to helping underrepresented groups expedite their journeys to successful careers in technology.

Our CTG Mission

Cyferd has launched a cutting-edge nationwide program to “Close the gender gap” in the technology industry nationwide.  

We believe that gender diversity begins at the source: that’s why the Closing the Gap program is a coalition of initiatives run by Cyferd in partnership with organizations, enterprises, and educational institutions. 

Our program leads opportunities to increase the number of women in the technology industry through competitions, internships, and graduate employment and networking pipelines. 

Competition of Innovation

Together For Gender Equality

About the initiative

We’ve begun the next stage of the Closing the Gap (CTG) initiative by creating the Cyferd Competition of Innovation!

We’ve partnered with several universities across the UK to launch our women in tech competition, which allows students to win an internship, placement, or even an employment contract here at Cyferd! Participants have two weeks to build an application designed to enhance the student experience at their university. Throughout the competition, they receive an hour each day of one-to-one mentoring from one of our solutions experts, allowing them to gain valuable industry knowledge and refine their app-building skills.

Anne-Louise Bee, Cyferd COO and creator of the CTG initiative, is delighted to be driving the scheme and feels it is vital to create further opportunities for young women hoping to forge a career in technology.

“The issues we need to tackle start at the very beginning,” she notes.

“We’re committed to making underrepresented groups feel welcomed and encouraged.”

Our Competition of Innovation partners

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Interested in finding out more about Cyferd’s Closing the Gap program, including eligibility, dates, and how to join?

CTG will launch officially on March 8, 2022; more information will be available shortly.

Cyferd is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to achieving a culture where there is no place for discrimination and harassment. Our hiring decisions are based on job demands and required qualifications, without discriminating against gender, age, race, color, sex, pregnancy, religion, marital status or any other characteristics protected by the regulations in the locations where we operate. Our employees are given the same opportunities and work in a safe environment.

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