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AI-Assisted Software Development

Build and configure any business solution in hours or days without coding using Cyferd’s powerful AI engine, Neural Genesis, to accelerate solution development with just a few keyword prompts.

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    Why Developers Love Cyferd

    Faster Value Delivery

    Enable developers to deliver business value within days and weeks, not months or years.

    Rapid Development Cycles

    Benefit from a fully integrated low-code development environment inclusive of a data store.

    Modular Interconnected Solution

    Build robust modular solutions and interconnected workflows seamlessly.

    Automated Workflows

    Easily automate manual processes and construct intelligent cross-solution workflows without the need for integrations or third-party tools.

    System Extension and Legacy App Replacement

    Swiftly extend incumbent systems and replace legacy applications.

    Data Reusability

    Effortlessly reuse data across solutions through a common data model.

    Reduced Maintenance

    Implement changes once and observe them propagate throughout, reducing maintenance efforts.

    Cyferd Platform: Sustainable Innovation Through Composability in Software Development

    The Cyferd Platform stands out in the software development landscape, with composability as a core principle. This approach, gaining recognition for its practical benefits, expedites development, enhances agility, and promotes adaptability. Following a digital composability model, every software component is designed to be modular, well-defined, and easily connectable. This emphasis on composability means that every solution created with Cyferd becomes a foundational building block for the future. This sustainable innovation allows developers to reuse what they’ve previously built, fostering efficiency and scalability. This reuse principle extends to faster development cycles through component reuse, increased agility with easy component swapping, improved maintainability using smaller, self-contained components, enhanced flexibility through modular architectures, and reduced risk with proven, tested components. In the context of Cyferd, composability is more than a concept; it’s a practical approach that not only guides but also ensures sustainable and reusable innovation in software development.

    Build New Apps

    Build modern operational applications & workflows

    Use Neural Genesis to quickly generate new apps

    Build apps to remove manual processes

    Replace Old Systems

    Migrate legacy and unsupported  apps onto a modern cloud platform

    Retire old apps and databases

    Use NG Assimilate to quickly migrate data into Cyferd

    Replace manual Excel processes

    Augment Existing Solutions

    Remove over-customizations from core systems

    Integrate with rigid existing apps and extend their capability to address gaps

    Bi-directional integration

    Revolutionizing Software Development:
    AI-Powered Solutions for Seamless Workflow, Cloud Migration, and Core System Optimization

    Revolutionize your software development with AI-powered solutions. Utilize Neural Genesis to effortlessly construct modern operational applications and streamlined workflows, accelerating app generation and eliminating manual processes for enhanced operational efficiency. Seamlessly transition legacy or unsupported applications to a modern cloud platform with NG Assimilate, retiring outdated systems and databases while swiftly migrating data into Cyferd. Simplify processes further by replacing manual spreadsheet workflows, ensuring a seamless and streamlined approach to application migration and data management. In addition, optimize your core systems by removing unnecessary customizations, integrating with existing applications, and extending capabilities to bridge gaps. Achieve a fluid and bidirectional integration that enhances system interoperability, creating a cohesive and efficient operational environment driven by the power of AI in software development.


    Level Up Your Dev Game

    By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies


    Imagine a future where AI can assist developers in various stages of the software creation process, from brainstorming ideas to writing actual code. Sounds futuristic? It’s already happening! Whether you know what you want to build or need some ideas, you can ask Neural Genesis to build a single or a suite of lenses (apps). Don’t get left behind, it’s time to embrace AI-assisted software development.

    The Cyferd Enterprise Platform: AI-Led, Data Driven, Digital Transformation

    Solution Development

    • Build solutions in hours with AI​
    • Define your data and the platform will dynamically present your solution​
    • Little to no specialist knowledge or coding required​

    Custom View Builder

    • Drag and drop to create more customized forms and layouts
    • Create views to support workflows
    • Apply data visualizations to help users make better operational decisions

    Unified Data Model

    • Build solutions on a common data model
    • Reuse data across multiple solutions
    • Easily extend the model for new solutions

    Integration Workflow and Automation

    • Drag and drop to automate business process flows
    • Automate business tasks
    • Connect to 3rd party API’s, systems and services

    Cloud Native and Secure

    • Manage user roles and permissions
    • Retain control with user roles and app and data level security
    • Classify data sensitivity and tag personally identifiable information

    Modern Workforce

    • Build once, available natively on the mobile app and browser
    • Propagate changes immediately without app store approval
    • Access full capabilities (solutions, data and processes) on mobile devices
    • Full Notifications framework

    Innovation Unleashed:
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