Efficiently manage client risk with digital solutions and focus on expertise by automating complex insurance data workflows and reducing process effort.

Improving insurance solutions

Digitally transform your business operations

Manage your resources

  • Manage tasks
  • Plan & track your workforce
  • Allocate & manage assets

Develop data-centric solutions

  • Data-driven business operations
  • Users have access to all relevant data
  • Users understand data relationships
  • Template solutions accelerate value

Insurance use cases

Take control of your complex insurance data

Underwriting management

Simplify the complexities of insurance intermediaries and underwriting.

Use modern data management techniques to link all of the many and varied parties involved in a distributed insurance operation. Automate tasks and manage the complex workflows between parties.

Claims tracking

Track ticket / case requests and prioritize workforce tasks. Allocate tasks to suitably skilled individuals. Automate escalation workflows.

Improve SLA achievement and drive customer satisfaction / advocacy

Document management

Automate document management tasks and data workflows. Simplify document filing with a fully digital system.

Link important documents to customer accounts and investment products. Hierarchies so they are always immediately available.

Risk and investment management

Have a global view of all your various insurance portfolios at your fingertips. View your revenue, risk, current returns, and track performance.

Be fully prepared for important risk and investment discussions by having all your data available, on any device and always fully up to date.

Compliance reporting

Automate the complex task of collating data for compliance reports. Simply connect to your different systems to gather all of the required data in one place.

When FCA requirements change, an easy-to-use data flow builder tool can quickly create new compliance reports to save substantial time and effort.

Customer experience / portal

Track all of your customer interactions, whether sales, service, or claims. Maintain proactive customer communications throughout.

Undertake customer satisfaction surveys. Maintain positive customer online reviews. Build strong customer and brand advocacy relationships.

Explore industries

Tailor solutions to your organizational needs


  • Understand patient needs
  • Allocate clinician time effectively
  • Improve community healthcare
  • Cyferd CAP (Clinical Accelerator Programme)


  • Manage your property portfolio
  • Efficiently allocate appropriate resources
  • Improve tenant wellbeing & satisfaction

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