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Create the business solutions you need for any industry on the Cyferd Platform. Be it education, healthcare, housing, or something else.

Solving problems in every industry


Enhance the student experience at your university and set your students up for success.

  • Student Experiences
  • Student Journeys
  • Careers Marketplace


Effectively manage your property portfolio with our housing applications.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Tenant Experiences
  • Compliance Reporting


Innovate your hospital and jump into the 21st century with the Cyferd Platform.

  • Modern Hospitals
  • Patient Journeys
  • Empowered Workforces

Other Industries

Whatever industry you work in, the Cyferd Platform gives you the freedom to build any solution you need.

  • Build any Solution
  • Drag & Drop Builder with Template Apps
  • Reuse business data and business assets

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