Cyferd expenses app

Simplify the administration of expenses with the Cyferd Expenses App and explore the latest cloud-based expense management solution.

Improve Your Expense Management

Automate submissions, approvals, finance uploads, and payment workflows

Manage your workforce expenses

  • Automate employee expenses administration
  • Simplify expenses processes
  • Free up important Finance team member time

Develop data-centric solutions

  • Data-driven business operations
  • Users have access to all relevant data
  • Users understand data relationships
  • Expenses app easily configured to automate workflow

Digital expenses use cases

Simplify your employee expenses administration

Employees track expenses and submit claims

  • Simplify employee expense and receipt administration
  • Allocate costs to cost centers
  • Collate expenses into periodic submissions
  • Automate submission process workflows

Managers review and approve claims

  • Simplify expenses approval workflows
  • Review expenses against policy
  • Review expenses against budget and cost centers
  • Automate approved expense submission for payment

Finance administrator expenses payments

  • Simplify expense administration within finance department
  • Delegate review tasks to line managers for policy compliance
  • Allocate expenses against cost centers
  • Review expenses against cost centers
  • Prepare and automate financial system uploads
  • Trigger expenses payments to employees

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