ESG Integration

Delivering on ESG commitments won’t be fulfilled simply by publishing an ESG report once each year over the next decade – it requires committed effort deep within the DNA of your organization.

Building a more sustainable world for all

Harmonize ESG seamlessly into the DNA of your organization

The only constant is change

As each year unfolds, your committed organization will want to continuously expand the boundaries for ESG as your appetite for sustainability and ethical business grows, meeting increasing aspirations from regulators, customers, and investors.

Traditional, however, IT Systems have long been a bottleneck for change and sustainability introduces many changes that can have far-reaching implications for an organization. This is where Cyferd can help with apps that can rapidly augment your legacy systems with important sustainability capabilities, and without specialist consultancy. New data fields and flows can be added quickly to meet the rapid changes required by ESG and these changes seamlessly propagate to other apps that share a central data model. Now capturing a multitude of related ESG data in your systems on things like energy, water, waste, carbon, biodiversity, community engagement, gender, diversity, and inclusion, can all be just minutes of work away!

There isn’t an app for that…

…there’s a whole platform instead! The Cyferd Platform is the ideal place to incorporate sustainable practices into everything you do.

Whether you need to modify existing Cyferd apps to accommodate new requirements or build new apps, you’ll be able to integrate and capture the data you need quickly and use Cyferd as a system of record for sustainability across your entire organization.


Use the Cyferd Platform to extend sustainable practices into every part of your organization and track your evolving progress across departments, projects, and change activities. Add modern features for ESG such as automated workflows, notifications, search, mobile access, and much more (including ESG disclosure reporting of course). Where you lack ESG coverage in your business, you can now cover it with Cyferd.

  • Track and monitor ESG projects and progress against complex multi-year change
  • Clearly identify Accountability and Responsible resources
  • Review progress intra-month- not at year-end
  • Collect and collate extensive sets of data and form summary KPI’s
  • Add deadline notifications
  • Include narrative with your KPI’s – humanising data helps change happen

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