Cyferd CRM app

Reap expansive benefits from your sales & customer data with the Cyferd CRM App and get ready to transform your customer engagements.

Improving sales & customer service

Optimize and transform your sales & customer service engagements

Manage your workforce

  • Manage sales & customer service tasks
  • Plan & track team members’ performance
  • Allocate & manage sales or service workflow tasks

Develop data-centric solutions

  • Data-driven business operations
  • Users have access to all relevant data
  • Users understand data relationships
  • Template CRM app easily configured to accelerate value

Sales & customer service use cases

Reap the huge potential rewards from your CRM data


  • Identify and target market segments
  • Undertake field marketing events
  • Generate leads for sales
  • Track marketing-generated sales and pipeline


  • Track market-sourced leads
  • Manage your sales pipeline
  • Build your sphere of influence
  • Negotiate quotes, orders, and contracts
  • Close and convert opportunities

Customer Service

  • Track all of your customer orders through to fulfillment
  • Invoice customers and track payments
  • Undertake customer satisfaction surveys
  • Maintain positive customer online reviews

Customer advocacy

  • Undertake customer surveys
  • Build strong customer and brand advocacy relationships
  • Proactively drive ongoing customer satisfaction with your products or services

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