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App Development

Build enterprise-ready applications in hours and days, not weeks and months without the need for an army of developers or consultants.

Cyferd applications go way beyond the presentation layer. They are comprised of the data model, integrations, workflow, security, and the presentation layer – all from a fully integrated platform ready for your enterprise needs.

No-Code / Low-Code

Do more with minimal code! We make it easier for your organization to create and maintain apps without needing to write code, reducing the need for highly skilled programmers or professional services. Where you have specialist requirements, code can be added to ensure that you are never limited by the functionality of the user interface.

Data Modelling

Cyferd put’s your most valuable asset at the heart of app development – the data, so you can build applications from the golden source of truth.

One unified data model underpins all applications to allow you to reuse data seamlessly across apps without duplication. Create new tables and extend your existing model quickly through a drag and drop interface.

We hide all the complexity, meaning you don’t need to worry about designing keys to join data. Just associate new tables, link to the application and you are ready to go!

Connectivity & Integration

Integrate data from external sources through direct API integrations, or access any on-premises data through our secure bi-directional remote agent.

Link to master data stored in your existing systems, without duplicating in Cyferd, to build augmented solutions on the Cyferd platform.

Call specialized third-party services to enhance your applications and allow Cyferd to be called through our fully supported APIs.


Flow development ensures Cyferd applications can be configured to meet complex workflow and automation requirements. Flow development forms a key part of the app development process, whether you are manipulating data, enforcing a business process, or calling 3rd party services.

Custom Forms & Dashboarding

Add custom forms to your applications to tailor the user experience, whilst maintaining consistency in the UI and UX across any Cyferd application. Use the integrated dashboarding and reporting components to help users make informed operational decisions without having to open separate external reports.

Access your solutions anywhere

Work On The Go

Many of us take our work with us on the go. With the Cyferd mobile app, you can take work that you started on desktop and pick it up on mobile. Whether you are updating information in the CRM after a client visit or logging work-related expenses from a business trip; the Cyferd mobile app gives you to access all your apps wherever you are.

Instant Mobile Deployment

The Cyferd Platform is the fastest way to deploy business applications on both desktop and mobile. Build any solution once and the platform will take care of the rest for you, removing the need to develop and maintain multiple versions of the same app.

Clean Mobile Experience

Native app interfaces ensure you get the best experience possible on mobile without shortcuts. Take advantage of features such as gestures, push notifications, and accessing your camera or photo gallery to upload pictures and files.

Cross-device Updates

Eliminate waiting time for Apple or Google to approve submissions, as any in-app changes will be reflected immediately, ensuring you remain agile to ever-changing business requirements.

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