9 December, 2021
| Cyferd Healthcare Webinar |
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

9 December, 2021 | Cyferd Healthcare Webinar | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Solution Use Cases

Cyferd’s digital transformation platform has different solution use cases across several industries. Check out some examples below to explore how Cyferd can benefit users in different areas of business.

Enterprise Solution Use Cases

Cyferd enables users to build their own apps to solve business problems in the cloud. Customers can build applications across areas such as Finance, HR, Planning, Operations, Sales and more.

Customers can craft their own business solutions or leverage pre-existing templates, saving costs and development time and reducing complexity. Here are some possible examples of Cyferd improving business solution use cases for users:

One Enterprise Data model

Existing on-prem systems can be slow and difficult to change or update. Cyferd allows users to innovate with data at the heart of application development. Data can quickly be integrated and apps developed and updated. Users can make a change in one place and see it propagate across different apps.

Cloud Computing

As a result of inflexible systems, users often resort to paper-based or temporary processes, which can introduce risk of error and backlog. Cyferd allows users to build as many applications as they need, benefiting every business process. Because Cyferd operates in the cloud, business solutions are infinitely scalable and secure.  

Reduced Development Time

Complex software development can often take months or even years. Because of Cyferd’s low-code/no-code approach, users can create tailored solutions in a matter of days. All you need is a vision; our drag-and-drop interface and intuitive workflows take care of the rest.  

One Platform

Cyferd consolidates different solutions on a single platform. Regardless of functional area – whether you need solutions for HR, CRM, Sales, Finance, or more – using Cyferd means that users have one platform and one subscription model.

Healthcare Solution Use Cases

Healthcare is another field that the Cyferd Platform will revolutionize. The healthcare industry is struggling to keep up with demand for increased technology and efficiency due to outdated technology. The weight of the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this problem. Here are some examples of Cyferd improving the rollout of digital healthcare:

Administering Injections

With the Cyferd platform, staff are able to seamlessly combine the operational processes for sourcing and distributing materials for an injection. The resources, appointment bookings, and medical staff supplying required to administer them are all streamlined.

Switching Clinics

If a patient switches GP clinics or even wards within the same hospital, information can flow freely and easily between different interconnected apps in Cyferd’s ecosystem.

Managing Hospital Capacity

Hospitals can log a bed management record in Cyferd which constantly updates to show the patients in each bed; this saves space and time and manages the flow of patients.

IT Maintenance Notifications

NHS IT engineers fixing an issue on a GP site can have an app on their mobile phones that shows nearby open and unresolved issues. With a service delivery app in our platform, Cyferd can even push notifications to engineers when a high-priority issue is logged near their current location.

Surgery Aftercare

Before a patient goes into surgery, medical staff can scan for pre-existing conditions, allergies or other conditions of note that may affect the surgery. During the surgery, medical staff outside the operating room can view updates on the patient’s condition in real-time using tablets and mobile devices. After the surgery, a pharmacy could receive a mobile notification and have medication ready to go for the patient.

Maternity Care management

A pregnant patient can have an initial check-up at the hospital and an antenatal record is started in Cyferd. Follow-up appointments can be conducted at the patient’s home by a midwife, who can access the record from a mobile device. When the patient delivers the baby, the midwife will get a notification on their device, and can liaise with other medical staff to deliver appropriate care

Housing Solution Use Cases

Cyferd’s digital transformation platform can benefit housing associations and the agencies and regulators that they deal with. Housing associations need to be able to deal with all aspects of property management; this includes managing large property portfolios, tenancy, maintenance, and more. By consolidating solutions into Cyferd, housing associations can harmonize their operations. Here are some examples of Cyferd in action in housing: 

Reporting Simplicity

Housing associations are required to frequently submit reports to the regulator, to ensure that they are compliant. Due to the fragmented nature of the source systems, data can be hard to consolidate for reporting purposes, resulting in submission errors. By utilizing Cyferd, data is centralized at the source, simplifying the reporting process.

Data reusability

Different apps are currently used for different aspects of property management, leading to increased complexity and disjointed workflows. Cyferd allows housing associations to manage every aspect of their property management portfolio, such as tenant management, rent collection, repairs, and more. Apps can be built using data from existing apps, increasing reusability and decreasing development.