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Oversee all your recruitment processes.

Cyferd Recruitment

Cyferd Ltd App
Oversee all your recruitment processes.

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The Cyferd Recruitment App helps organisations digitally transform recruitment, simplifying processes and making it easier for recruiters to deliver pipelines of great candidates.

The Recruitment App was designed to simplify the end-to-end recruitment process for everyone involved, from the recruiting manager to the recruitment team and ultimately, the job seekers.

Managers seeking to recruit staff within their team can simply raise a job request and then let the automated workflow do most of the work for them. You can choose to let the workflow automatically present the manager with any existing CVs which closely match their needs if they are on file or you can enable the Recruitment team to do an initial vetting.

The workflow can automate a choice of approval processes to suit your needs, whether this requires an Approving Manager, a Finance Budget Approver, or Recruitment Approval.

Then your Recruitment Team can easily process the request and Post the role for Job Seekers to review.

Job Seekers can review the role and apply online, completing a configurable application form and uploading their resume, along with any other supporting documentation that may be required.

Interviews can be scheduled within the Recruitment App and further vetting information can readily be captured along with any feedback or clarifying information requests. At every stage, all parties have full visibility of progress being made and simple notifications will serve to prompt anyone of any changes or progress.

Finally, the workflow will also automate concluding process steps to notify job seekers of their success (or otherwise) and formalise offers. If you also have the Cyferd HR Suite, the recruitment process seamlessly passes successful candidates into the first steps of the Onboarding process.

The Recruitment App can work as a stand-alone application, as part of the Cyferd HR Suite or it can easily be integrated with other HR systems, so you are never tied to a single vendor for your HR digital transformation needs.


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