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Project management and reporting all in one place.

Cyferd PMO

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Project management and reporting all in one place.

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Cyferd PMO


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The Cyferd PMO App enables a Project Management Office to effectively manage a complex set of projects throughout an organisation, giving users quick visibility into progress, issues and risks. Projects can also be associated with a range of key strategic initiatives so you can easily understand how each project contributes towards your overall strategy.

Each Project Manager can set up all their required Tasks and allocate them to resources who will be automatically notified of their tasks and due dates. Everyone can provide their individual updates and the PM will be notified and can review the overall status of their project. PMs can raise Issues, Risks and Mitigations within the App.

Departmental managers can record their team’s capacity and availability, and then compare them against all active projects so they are better able to prioritise their team’s contributions to projects, especially those which are associated to strategic initiatives. It is even possible to flag specific projects or tasks as Success Milestones for wider communication, where notifications can be automated to relay good news messages to an internal communications team based on set criteria.

This team member availability and contribution facility can be extended across the whole organization to give a percentage capacity utilization within PMO and the overall percentage contribution of effort towards PMO Projects.

The PMO App can be extended beyond the traditional boundaries of the Project Management Office to provide a convenient resource booking facility where users can request support from resources from teams in different departments. Such cross-departmental collaborations can then be easily tracked and recognised.

The PMO App supports a range of different roles, each with configurable access permissions so that sensitive projects remain sensitive while knowledge of projects contributing to strategic imperatives can be shared widely. Ultimately, roles are highly configurable, but these are some of the most common roles:

  • Executive
  • PMO Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Departmental Manager
  • Team Member / Contributor
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