Workflow automation

Let a guided workflow boost user confidence during complex processes through intuitive automation processes & data integration capabilities.

Automate processes and data integration

Simplify the complex data tasks and labor-intensive processes

Automate processes with drag-and-drop workflow

The Cyferd Platform allows you to automate business processes with an intuitive workflow interface so you can accelerate the outcomes that provide the greatest benefits for your operations.

  • Streamline operational processes using a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Easily search for the process flows you want to work on
  • Decrease complexity and potential failure points
  • Remove error-prone automation technology which may be poorly integrated to legacy software

Simple and intuitive data integration

The Cyferd Platform can be easily extended to include data from other applications using our simple and intuitive data integration user interface to automate data import using modern APIs. Moreover, the same APIs can easily be used to provide additional access to the data stored within the Cyferd Platform – this could allow other systems, data warehouses, or BI reporting tools to gain further benefits from important operational data.

  • Automate data integration to include data from existing technologies
  • State-of-the-art data integration interface simplifies tasks
  • Modern APIs provided by Cyferd increase flexibility
  • Seamless data transfers between entities using a single unified interface

Workflow guided user experience

Intuitive workflows guide users through complex processes, boosting confidence and improving whilst improving efficiencies. Machine learning algorithms can be used to recommend tasks and appropriate actions to help users prioritise work activities. Workflows guide the many and varied user journeys laying out ‘breadcrumbs’ so the user is always fully aware of where they are in different business processes.

  • Guided workflows with ‘breadcrumb’ process trails
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • ‘Next best action’ recommendations

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