Unified data model

Enjoy sharing data across all your apps when creating a unified data model that offers an intuitive GUI-based modeling experience.

Collect and share accurate data

Putting data at the center of your business applications

Create a unified data model for all your apps

Siloed business applications create inefficient business processes, poor user experiences; and possible inconsistencies which could prove challenging. Traditionally, sharing data across multiple applications often required inefficient data duplication. Now you can avoid these challenges with Cyferd’s unified data model which is accessible by all apps built on the Cyferd Platform.

  • Every app uses a unified data model at the center/centre of the platform
  • Pre-integrating data makes the Cyferd Platform the entire system of record
  • Maximize data reusability and efficiency
  • Eliminate the root cause of data dispersion

An intuitive GUI data modeling experience

Connect data entities with new relationships effortlessly using Cyferd’s GUI-based data modeling experience. The Cyferd Platform uses new technology to underpin its unified data model. This sets it apart from the traditional relational databases that have been in common use for decades. 

  • Modern GUI data modeling experience
  • Data relationships between entities are adaptable to changing business needs
  • Data stored in a graph structure
  • Places greater emphasis on exposing insights in data relationships

Benefit from data shared across all your apps

There are many potential benefits to having your operations all work with the same data. Consistency will aid collaboration across departments, improving efficiency and reducing the need for unproductive debates about which data set is correct. Most importantly, people will be able to make better-informed decisions. The following capabilities will help you attain these important benefits:

  • Users can extend data models with new entities
  • Reuse previously integrated data within the model
  • Avoid the need to duplicate data
  • Reuse data entities, relationships, and views across multiple apps
  • Updates show instantly across all apps

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