No-code app builder

Creating intuitive applications on a powerful development platform using the no-code app builder capability.

Change your development approach

A no-code platform that offers greater flexibility and a faster development.

A powerful development platform for business

If you understand how to make your business operation excel, you already have all the skills needed to build powerful apps in Cyferd. The Cyferd Platform can be configured by anyone, removing dependency on specialist skills and reducing lengthy development cycles. This is the no-code ethos:

  • Configurable by people within your business
  • Create powerful, data-driven business applications
  • Automate business processes and workflows
  • Publish and share apps across departments

Drag-and-drop App Builder

Unlike other low-code/no-code development platforms where developers must connect data, build every user interface and define each navigation path, Cyferd is different.

  • Unified data model at the center of the app-building process.
  • Leverage the model’s structure upfront to define entities and joins
  • Generate out-of-the-box form views
  • Automatic navigation flows between the entities
  • Freely navigate the model to carry out work tasks

Multiple apps, consistent data, intuitive navigation

The Cyferd Platform allows you to develop a uniform approach to your data with one unified data model. Various departments will want to apply their own perspective to this data, so can build and share multiple apps for each department to use as their ‘lens’ through which they can navigate their processes and their data.

  • Support departmental perspective by building multiple apps
  • Maintain a consistent single version of the truth with our common Unified Data Model
  • Intelligent navigation guides users to important data with an intuitive app-experience
  • Improve user understanding of their data with our Smart Data UX showing data relationships

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