Data-driven operations

Achieve true data-driven operations with the Cyferd Platform by changing the way you collect, utilize and benefit from operational data.

Innovate the way you work

Change the way you collect, utilize and benefit from operational data

Digitize your operations

The Cyferd Platform will enable you to build and share powerful apps that can be used throughout your organization, allowing you to become truly data-driven. The core capabilities of the Cyferd Platform will:

  • Guide users through complex processes with an easy to use and intuitive user interface
  • Push notifications to alert users of prioritized tasks and activities to be completed
  • Break down operating silos and promote greater workforce collaboration
  • Make it easy to collect and review important data securely, from anywhere, and from any device

Improve operational decision-making

Operational decision making can readily be improved when users have easy access to all pertinent data. However, some users can find data overwhelming, and this is where the following capabilities of the Cyferd Platform can help:

  • All transactional data is made available to users
  • Aggregated data can be viewed at transactional levels
  • Data can be updated as it becomes available in real-time
  • The Cyferd Platform presents data intuitively to aid operational decision-making
  • The Smart Data UX presents data elements in the wider context of their relationship with other related data entities, helping users to understand the wider context

Improve digital maturity & adoption

Continuing the journey of progressive digital transformation is proving to be very important for a great many organisations and the Cyferd Platform has several important capabilities which have been designed specifically to help improve the digital maturity and user adoption.

  • Simplify complex data and operating processes, coupled with ease of use and convenient access to important data all helps build user confidence and drive adoption
  • A unified enterprise data model ensures consistency of data across different applications and use cases, this helps break down traditional departmental data silos
  • Remove time-consuming manual or mundane processes with automation

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