Cloud-native & secure

A cloud-native & highly secure platform from the ground up that allows you to repurpose your IT staff to higher-value tasks.

Increase flexibility and agility

Flex and adapt your operations easily with a secure cloud-native platform

Built for the cloud, from the ground up

Creating business applications on the Cyferd Platform in the cloud will increase your operational flexibility as staff will be able to access important data, securely from any location and any device. IT business continuity will be simplified, improving operational resilience, allowing you to focus on your business, your workforce and customers rather than IT. Cloud-native also paves the way for improved system inter-operability.

  • Be flexible – access the Cyferd Platform for any location and any device
  • Be agile – optimize availability and scale your operations at any time
  • Be adaptable – increase system inter-operability with modern, cloud-native software
  • Be reliable – remove weak integrations to legacy applications that can cause disruption

Class-leading security features built-in to protect users and data

Cyferd takes a comprehensive approach to platform security from the inception and design stages all the way through to the development and deployment of the software. This ensures that security is deeply embedded as a core tenet of the platform and beyond, not merely a bolt-on afterthought.

  • Enterprise-grade security features with strict internal policies and procedures
  • Comprehensive monitoring and machine learning
  • Role-based access system to control access privileges

Repurpose IT staff to higher-value tasks

With the Cyferd Platform all the complexity and overhead to ‘keeping the lights on’ is handled for you, ensuring that IT professionals can focus on productivity, high-value work, delivering innovation.

  • Ensures IT staff efficiency
  • Reduce time spent on ordering hardware or replacing aging equipment
  • Minimize the need to troubleshoot application performance
  • Remove the need to patch servers and operating systems

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