The Cyferd Platform is entirely built using modern cloud architecture and hosted on Amazon Web Services. It has been designed to ensure security, reliability, and performance, so you can focus on building apps that transform your business operations.

High-level platform architecture

Tenant Segregation ensures that customer data is stored in tenant-specific containers (document datastore, BLOB datastore) with unique credentials, and cannot be accessed by other tenants. All activity or processes within a tenancy are able to interact only with endpoints defined within that tenancy. Security controls such as encryption of data in transit and at rest, modern user authentication, and powerful authorization capabilities are enforced or provided throughout the Cyferd platform so that only approved users have access.


HTML5 browsers (desktop & mobile), and Cyferd-supplied React Native apps for iOS and Android communicate with * using a secure websocket.


Uses Customer-supplied OIDC tenancy, with own IdP.

Authorization managed using Cyferd inside the Cyferd datastore.

Compute Tier

Node.js microservices deployed in Kubernetes cluster loosely coupled via Service Matrix (Queue & Payloads).


NoSQL DB is used for Catalog of all Tenants, Session contiguity, Historic Data, and customer-facing Logs.

Datastore provides NoSQL flexibility to Cyferd developers and supports multiple Customer-defined relationships between entities (e.g., Person & Address) that are used by an automated UI generator for providing navigation through the Data Model.

BLOB Datastore

Customers can upload documents & images to the platform. Metadata is stored on the object (eg Customer, Patient, Product, Claim) they’re attached to in the Document DataStore, and the uploaded artifacts themselves are stored in a tenant-specific container in the Platform’s native Binary Large Object Storage (S3 Bucket on AWS, GCS if deployed on Google Cloud).

Backups of the tenant’s Document DataStore are also stored in the BLOB DataStore, ensuring that every tenant’s data can be managed independently.

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