The Future of Healthtech? Cyferd and the Role of MXDP Technology in Healthcare

If you’re working in the technology industry, chances are that you’ve heard the term MXDP (multiexperience development platform) floating around. But what is the function of MXDPs? And how can implementing MXDP technology in healthcare benefit the digital healthcare industry going forward?

What role can Cyferd play in Healthcare?

What is an MXDP?

The term MXDP, or multiexperience development platform, has been active in the tech industry for a couple of years. This is namely thanks to research firm Gartner: the firm releases an annual magic quadrant naming the top companies pioneering different areas of multiexperience. Gartner defines the term ‘multiexperience’ as relating to ‘the various permutations of modalities (e.g., touch, voice and gesture), devices and apps that users interact with on their digital journey across the various touchpoints’. OPTASY further defines multiexperience as ‘all the different ways users interact with a brand (touch, audio, gesture)’ and ‘the multitude of physical devices delivering the user experiences resulting from those interactions’. Companies can offer users – you guessed it – multiple user ‘experiences’ across their platform, resulting in an innovative, streamlined approach to achieving business solutions. This is a departure from MADPs, or mobile app development platforms, which allowed users to build a series of apps but were limited in the capacity of experiences that they were able to offer customers.

Some of these different ‘experiences’ offered by MXDPs can include factors like chatbots, augmented and/or virtual reality capabilities, wearable devices, and more, and the market for MXDP growth is huge: Gartner predicts that ‘by 2023, over 25% of all apps across web and mobile devices will work with the multi-experience development platform’.

MXDP technology in healthcare

This suggests a growing demand for accessible and affordable MXDP technology; the benefits of which are plentiful. AIMultiple suggests that the platforms can ‘enhance collaboration among IT and business teams in the process of building, designing and managing apps and customer experiences’ and that they allow companies to develop applications quicker and for newer ‘digital touchpoints’. Tech blog Codebots notes that MXDPs ‘allow organizations to host a large number of their internal operations in one space’, streamlining business processes. Codebots also notes that MXDPs can help reduce shadow IT, or the use and adoptions of ‘information technology systems, devices, software, applications, and services without explicit IT department approval’. By having one platform where users can access different experiences, businesses can cut down on fragmented IT systems and streamline their operations.

Ultimately, MXDPs make it easier to facilitate digital transformation, according to AIMultiple. This makes them key tools to be adopted into the digital healthcare industry. In the context of healthcare, implementing MXDP technology in healthcare could benefit NHS trusts and healthcare providers by consolidating different systems on one platform; this could streamline the accessing and transmitting of data for different healthcare professionals.

Cyferd and MXDP technology in healthcare

Cyferd offers various customer benefits for organizations looking to achieve digital transformation while simultaneously being part of the next generation of MXDPs. Our MXDP enables customers to build their own interconnected ecosystem of apps in the cloud to address every business solution – from HR, to Finance, and everything in between. For example, an NHS trust could utilize the Cyferd Platform in a hospital; this means one system for accessing things like patient records, appointments, and supply ordering.

Cyferd promises to revolutionize the industry, innovating with data at the source; each additional app builds on previous data, integrating and consolidating healthcare solutions. Healthcare professionals can access apps from different teams (security permitting), on different devices; Cyferd’s low-code/no-code development technology ensures that data is accessible to those authorized to access it. Ultimately, the Cyferd Platform will allow healthcare providers to better manage all patient-related digital care.

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