The Future of Cloud Technology in Healthcare: Digital Transformation and Cyferd’s Platform

Cyferd leverages cloud computing and low-code/no-code development technology by allowing users in healthcare to build their own apps to solve business problems in the cloud using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Where Cyferd excels in healthcare innovation

What do current predictions say about cloud computing in healthcare?

There’s no doubt that the future of healthcare is changing at an extremely fast pace. The healthcare industry is struggling to keep up with the demand for increased innovation and efficiency due to outdated technology. The NHS needs to rapidly modernize to adapt to varied issues like the Covid-19 pandemic and an aging population.

According to a recent survey from BT and iGov, reported by Digital Health, ‘70 organizations across the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)’ provided data on several drivers of digital transformation within the healthcare industry. The report found that digital transformation is driven in part by a demand for remote services and ‘pressures from the pandemic’, suggesting a wide gap for technology to fill. However, many respondents (71%) hinted at the fear of ‘a lack of adequate skills and access to digital services by their patients and other healthcare professionals’.

Ultimately, this suggests a big appetite for accelerating digital transformation in the healthcare industry, an ambition that is tinged with concern regarding the viability of such an achievement.

The future of health starts now

So, how can NHS trusts and healthcare providers improve their technologies and adapt to a changing landscape? Solutions abound to address these issues. One of these solutions is the adoption and implementation of cloud computing services. Starting in 2013, the government launched a ‘cloud-first’ policy dedicated to prioritizing cloud technologies, a move that was continued in 2018 when NHS Digital announced that they were going to be adopting a ‘cloud-first’ approach. This was a decision made to ‘mitigate many common risks NHS and social care organizations face’. Cloud technology is able to benefit NHS trusts by shifting data and information from complex and outdated on-prem or legacy solutions to easily accessible databases. This can streamline business processes and make it easier for businesses to reach important data like patient records and waitlists faster. Additionally, an article from Blue Frontier suggests that by adopting more cloud technology, healthcare providers can ‘minimize upfront IT infrastructure costs and streamline the sharing of resources among employees’.

There remains some hesitation in the widespread adoption of cloud computing; a report from Health Business UK suggests that concerns exist about the security of cloud technology as well as how easy it is to implement on a larger scale. Ultimately, it’s important to consider that implementing cloud technology is not a one-size-fits-all approach; developers will need to take steps to ensure maximum data security.

Cyferd and cloud technology in healthcare

Cyferd promises to address this drive for digital transformation. Our company is a cloud-native platform as a Service (Paas) used for application development and hosting that accelerates digital transformation. Cyferd leverages cloud computing and low-code/no-code development technology by allowing users to build their own apps to solve business problems in the cloud using a simple drag and drop interface. Customers can build applications across areas such as Finance, HR, Planning, Operations, Sales, and more – giving them access to business solutions right at their fingertips.

Where Cyferd promises to revolutionize the NHS is by offering a way for trusts to create their own business solutions, faster. Whether it’s maternity care, surgery, immunization, or even simply operational and administrative processes, users can create business apps that can build on and expand from previously integrated data, making healthcare solutions accessible. Because Cyferd operates in the cloud, business solutions are secure and scalable, allowing healthcare providers to be at ease knowing their data is taken care of. With the increasing push for cloud technologies in the healthcare industry, Cyferd promises to be a pioneer in offering cloud-based solutions.

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