How The Cyferd Platform Achieves Digital Business Transformation

In this article, we look at how multiexperience development platforms (MXDPs) can operate to match increasing enterprise demand, as well as how the Cyferd platform will surpass current offerings.

How Does Cyferd Disrupt Digital Transformation in the MXDP Sphere?

Introducing MXDP Definitions

According to a recent prediction by global research firm Gartner, three in every four enterprises will be using a multiexperience development platform (MXDP) to build business solutions by 2026.

The term is defined by Gartner as providing software engineering teams with a method to create interconnected user experiences across web, mobile, conversational, and more applications. Businesses often turn to MXDPs for a variety of reasons, from driving digital business transformation, driving digital innovation, and improving UX quality; MXDPs can streamline business processes by giving users tools to create apps and support.

Challenges to MXDP Implementation

However, while MXDPs can equip users with app construction mechanisms, simply utilizing an MXDP is not a one-size-fits-all solution to digital business transformation. For example, many MXDPs fail to innovate data solutions at their source and instead rely on temporary or on-prem solutions. This can lead to application silos, data fragmentation, and information backlog, creating more difficulty for development teams. Updating traditional or archaic databases can be time-consuming and challenging, while using decentralized systems can lead to miscommunication between teams.

Despite Gartner’s research, there is no one singular industry titan in the sphere of MXDP development despite growing demand. The problem lies therein, challenges to data innovation present barriers to widespread digital transformation between enterprises.

The Cyferd Platform: An MXDP Solution?

The solution? Think bigger. The Cyferd platform accelerates digital transformation by allowing users to create no-code, cloud-native business apps in the cloud using a single, unified enterprise data model. Where Cyferd outperforms current MXDP offerings is by enabling users to reuse or extend previously integrated data; this simplifies app creation and maintenance, and ensures greater consistency and efficiency for users. With the Cyferd platform, businesses can increase the efficiency of their DevOps teams and accelerate digital transformation on their own terms.

Our platform enables users to build applications for every business area, from CRM, to Sales, to Finance, and more; our cloud-native capabilities ensure that any changes to one app update immediately for any connected apps. We at Cyferd want to rapidly transform the way that businesses view data solutions and be a leader in MXDP digital innovation.

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