How a Fresh Approach Can Drive NHS Digital Transformation

In this article, we take a look at how the Cyferd Platform can help the NHS become agile with its digital transformation.

Achieving Digital Transformation for the NHS

The importance of adaptive healthcare technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted the healthcare industry in the United Kingdom. From mass testing requirements to a backlog in patient care and large-scale vaccine rollout across the country, the NHS has had to rapidly mobilize and adapt to a changing healthcare landscape, dealing with the difficulties that the pandemic has caused.

This means that healthcare technology has never been more important. Now, more than ever, healthcare providers need access to effective solutions that allow them to work more efficiently. Increasing integrated digital health solutions throughout the NHS is critical to streamline patient journeys effectively.

Cyferd's agile digital transformation platform

  • Effective Development. Cyferd consolidates application and data silos and presents developers with a unified view of data, on which to create fully integrated operational solutions built without code.
  • Platform Efficiency. Each new app created on the platform can reuse or extend previously integrated data, eliminating data duplication, manual processes, and driving efficiency through automated process flows.
  • Intelligent Navigation. Cyferd automates workflows to streamline business processes and provide healthcare providers with an intuitive consumer-like
  • Cloud-Native. Cyferd provides healthcare organizations with the benefits of the cloud, such as increased agility, operational resilience, and security, without requiring expensive specialist skills, complex architecture, or large budgets.

How can Cyferd innovate digital transformation in healthcare?

Cyferd’s agile digital transformation platform connects previously siloed processes, streamlining every aspect of a patient’s journey redefining what is possible in digital healthcare and driving digital transformation for the NHS.

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