Cyferd’s MXDP and Housing Digital Transformation

Cyferd’s platform can streamline data submissions for housing associations and consolidate different areas of housing management. Using the same system to build apps for multiple areas, users can achieve housing business solutions faster.

Benefits to housing associations

How could digital transformation help?

Housing associations can benefit massively from digital transformation overhauling current outdated and paper-based systems. Many housing associations are currently struggling with managing different systems for all of their operational processes, from property management and tenants to finance and repairs, and more. This leads to fragmented and inefficient operations, causing backlogs and increasing costs, and creating barriers to innovation.

Inside Housing suggests that housing associations still have a long way to go in terms of modernization. According to the article, most housing associations have ‘ambitious adoption targets’ of reaching 50% to 80% online adoption, but most fall well short of this goal – attaining less than 5%.

Digital transformation for housing associations

Digital transformation can benefit housing associations by fundamentally changing the way their workforce operates. According to Housing Technology, digital transformation can drive cost-effectiveness and optimize workforces by enabling remote working and reducing service complexities. BDO UK suggests that ‘agile working’ and ‘agile decision making’ are two main factors that are prioritized in housing associations’ digital transformation journeys. The article further notes that major changes need to be adopted rather than individual, temporary solutions:

“It is important that organisations build a data strategy that addresses factors such as data storage, accessibility and approvals. For example, cloud-based systems can support scalability and agility and remove the need to invest in infrastructure, but could also increase certain data risks.”

Cyferd and MXDP technology for housing associations

The question remains, how can digital transformation modernize current housing institutions? And how can Cyferd’s multiexperience development platform (MXDP) facilitate housing digital transformation?

Housing associations can build their business solutions on Cyferd’s multiexperience development platform. Cyferd accelerates digital business transformation by enabling users to build an interconnected system of apps in the cloud from a shared data layer. Users can easily leverage previously integrated data and developed content in Cyferd to accelerate building business solutions for every area of a business – from Finance to Sales, to XRM, and more.

Developing apps on a shared low-code/no-code platform can help to decrease development complexity and costs and achieve business solutions for housing faster. By utilizing Cyferd, housing associations can consolidate multiple operational systems onto a single secure platform – optimizing operations and simplifying data management.

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