We are pioneering the first Multi-experience digital transformation development platform.
With our military-grade security and containerized 4D mobile applications, we are the only choice for enterprises and governments."

- Ranjit Bahia, Cyferd CEO

The Next Generation

Digital Transformation Platform


Cyferd is pioneering the first SaaS multi-experience digital transformation platform dedicated to enabling organizations to embrace the changes required to survive and thrive in this fast-changing world.


We are bringing together the transformative power of a no-code/ low-code solution development platform with a powerful engine to drive data integrity, process automation and system integration.


Data drives every company and we want every user to have secure access to the systems that enable them to do their role to the best of their ability, wherever they are, whatever device they are using and no matter how new the process is they are having to work through.


An all-in-one platform that provides exponential value to the organization; the more these components are aligned the more learning and knowledge the platform has to drive efficiency and simpler user interactions.

a company at the centre of a market
with a projected value of $83.8b

Low Code/Multi-Experience

Projected Market Value:

$45.5B by 2025

Low Code/Multi-Experience

The increasing need for digitalization and maturity of agile DevOps practices are expected to enhance the use of low-code development platform market across the globe.

(MarketsandMarkets, 2020)

Enterprise Integration

Projected Market Value:

$10.3B by 2025

Enterprise Integration

Enabling development, execution and governance of integration flow connecting any combination of on-premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data. 40.4% CAGR to 2025.

(Gartner, 2018)


Projected Market Value:

$26B by 2027


Fastest growing enterprise software market.
With 63.1% growth in 2019 (to $1.3B)
and projected to be well over $2B in 2020.

(Gartner, 2019)

Location Intelligence

Projected Market Value:

$2B in 2020

Location Intelligence

66% of enterprises rank Location Intelligence as either
critical or very important. (Forbes, 2018)

IoT - 20 billion devices connected by 2020

(GIM International, 2017)

lead by a ceo & team that bring
the competitive advantage


Accomplished leadership team with a CEO who has an extraordinary track record of delivering multiple acquisition exits, operating at board level to shape an organisation forward momentum. This team has an extraordinary track record of acquiring strategic organisations then delivering a master strategy which drives business growth and performance in organisations. 


Sales leadership who have lead global sales enablement of multi-Billion dollar companies and shape software in industries that can quickly grow a company’s ARR.

Customer success leadership that have lead in a $30+ Billion software company and ensure our customers expand Cyferd technology.


Financial and Operations leadership that has come from world-renowned legal firms in North America to establish our HQ in NYC and ensure investment firms see Cyferd as the next unicorn to IPO.

This team has the ability to expand quickly in Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and Legal through strong connections in these industries.


A highly experienced product team with a core who have had multiple back to back successes with technology start-ups and extensive experience with cloud SaaS development and operations who can quickly deliver MVP to meet the sales demand.

A core technology architecture approach based on the best of the latest frameworks to ensure our platform is future-proof and adaptable in ways our competitors cannot deal with due to legacy deficit in their architectures.

What problems does Cyferd solve?

IT Service Capability Problem

Cyferd's Solution

  • Increasing the speed of change
    is outstripping the capabilities of IT services
    to make changes to core operational systems.

  • A no-code/low-code application development environment
    that automatically supports the user when creating
    their new process solutions & applications.
    We allow the user to focus on solving their particular solution,
    leaving the platform to solve the wider context
    of how that solution interconnects with all the
    other applications in the platform.

User Fatigue Problem

Cyferd's Solution

  • Increasing user fatigue with
    the systems that are asked to use,
    they need and deserve modern,
    mobile first platforms.

  • The one platform solution means that users do not need
    to go to many different systems for their different process tasks.
    Users can access one platform for all of their
    business applications with common navigation,
    global search, global look and feel, global accessibility features,
    and all accessible securely and natively on any device.

Integration Complexity Problem

Cyferd's Solution

  • The increasing risk with integration and automation
    between different systems becoming
    more complex every day.

  • Integration has become so complex as there are
    so many different software systems in use to solve
    different parts of the process problems for an organization.
    Simplify the data architecture by simplifying the software landscape.
    Our platform level data integrity engine encourages all development to
    reuse common data objects for all user-facing applications removing
    much of the unnecessary integration workload.

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