Cyferd Healthcare Wellbeing

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Insights into patient analytics.

Cyferd Healthcare Wellbeing

Cyferd Ltd App
Insights into patient analytics.

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Cyferd Healthcare Wellbeing




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The Healthcare Wellbeing App allows healthcare providers to conduct simple patient wellbeing surveys to track individual patients’ health and wellbeing.

The App is designed to offer healthcare providers insights into their patient welfare during important periods of observation, whether in preparation for an operation or during periods of recovery via a series of configurable patient surveys.

Healthcare providers can set up surveys to help track patient wellbeing throughout a range of configurable patient journeys. In addition, the surveys can provide a qualitative analysis of patient details in relation to their wellbeing scores, allowing for a comprehensive and well-rounded analysis of patient welfare.

If a patient’s wellbeing score is below a threshold, their healthcare provider will be alerted via a notification, so they are able to take further action to aid their patient.

The default range of wellbeing surveys available includes alcohol abuse, anxiety, depression, general health, mental wellbeing, and patient health & wellbeing and these template surveys can be easily adjusted to suit a wide variety of additional patient wellbeing needs.


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Cyferd Healthcare Wellbeing

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