Cyferd’s digital transformation platform revolutionises the way business associated apps are built in the cloud. This is accomplished through our unique set of features.

Low-Code/No-Code Development

Cyferd’s platform features low-code and no-code development capabilities, utilising a drag and drop interface to build associated apps in the cloud. This increases the rate of innovation and allows employees without a coding background to construct business ecosystems.

Intelligent Navigation

Cyferd’s platform seamlessly employs workflow and automation to enhance UX/UI processes. This means that Cyferd’s layout is intelligent, making it easy to understand and navigate for users.


Cyferd allows users to easily build associated apps in the cloud with the highest levels of security, performance, and availability built in to the service, reducing risk and increasing efficiency.


Everything can be designed, crafted, and implemented right in Cyferd’s platform, so users don’t have to outsource specific apps for certain tasks. Finance, Sales, CRM, HR, and more can all be part of one interconnected ecosystem of business solutions. This cuts down on wasted time and inflated spending to allow businesses to achieve integrated solutions, faster.


Gone are the days of data siloes and bulky legacy databases. Our platform innovates from the data layer and beyond, drastically reducing the complexities associated with integrating siloed solutions. Many vendors employ low-code development and cloud technology; however, Cyferd’s platform takes those ideas a step further with our Dynamic Data Layer, allowing users to build on and expand upon previously integrated data.

Military-Grade Security

Cyferd recognises that data ecosystems need to be secure. Our platform is guarded by military-grade security, supported by BlackBerry; this means complete end-to-end encryption with anything from patient records to employee files.