Cyferd’s platform strives to be a disruptor in the current SaaS market. Our core differentiators show that Cyferd will break new ground with our digital transformation platform offering. Here are a few of the key tenets that we believe make our company shine.

Data Genesis

Introducing data genesis, Cyferd’s process for making your data come alive. Cyferd’s digital transformation platform is unlike anything else on the current market in that it utilises one single data layer onto which users can build interconnected associated apps in the cloud. Each associated app builds upon previously integrated data, accelerating digital transformation. This is what we have termed data genesis; instead of dealing with bulky legacy applications or data silos, data is completely integrated and responsive for users. Rather than simply combining siloed solutions with brittle integrations, Cyferd natively integrates all the relevant data from the ground up, ensuring that Cyferd associated apps can extract more value from data than other vendors. We utilise low-code and no-code capabilities to streamline development and enable any team to achieve digital transformation without a prior coding background.

Built With Healthcare in Mind

Digital healthcare innovation is an issue at the forefront of our current society. After the pandemic, digital transformation in healthcare will be more important than ever. Cyferd’s platform is built to address the current issues facing the NHS and current digital healthcare operations.

By implementing Cyferd’s platform, healthcare providers will be able to build focused associated apps in the cloud. Things like patient records and A&E waitlists will be able to be part of the same interconnected system, streamlining medical efficiency and reducing data complexity.

Emphasising Diversity

We only prosper if all of us prosper together. Cyferd recognises that diversity in all forms is integral to our company’s success. Our CEO, Ranjit Bahia, notes that ‘creating visionary companies requires diverse thought’ and asserts that Cyferd has implemented equality practices in its hiring and operations sectors.