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Go beyond traditional ESG reporting.

Cyferd ESG

Cyferd Ltd App
Go beyond traditional ESG reporting.

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The Cyferd ESG App is a strategic application that organizations can use to manage their multi-year ESG programs across all three pillars. It goes well beyond traditional ESG reporting to help organizations put in place a robust governance framework. For this, we follow the “Reimagining the Balanced Scorecard for the ESG Era” designed by Robert S. Kaplan.

The application allows organizations to define the following:

  • ESG Strategic Vision
  • Longer-Term ESG Strategic Outcomes
  • ESG Goals & Accountable Resources
  • Activities & Responsible Resources
  • ESG KPIs, Data Owners & Data Lineage

It works as a stand-alone application that can also be integrated with a range of disparate ESG data sources to help automate KPI data collation.

As ESG programs tend to span multiple years, the ESG App even allows various stakeholders, executives, business analysts, etc. to track how their ESG targets and achievements progress year upon year. To help organizations understand their progress, a unique algorithm unifies the disparate KPI data sets and can indicate the overall progress being achieved while highlighting areas that may be falling behind.

Beyond the core ESG Framework, the Cyferd ESG App is easily extended to suit the requirements of different organizations’ specific industry needs. Indeed, many organizations wish to prioritize their ESG focus areas based on investor priorities or industry frameworks and these can easily be incorporated.


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