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Explore our company story, our vision, and our goals. At Cyferd, we strive to challenge ourselves to improve and innovate our work every day.

Our Company Story

How did Cyferd come to be?

Our founder and CEO, Ranjit Bahia, saw the challenges of organizations implementing digital transformation while being able to effectively tackle organizational change and silos. He had a vision of a centralized, connected hub, where organizations and enterprises could create applications for every area of their business without having to rely on separate siloed systems.

We started in January 2021, with 5 members and a lot of motivation, and within the first year, we have grown to over 60 employees located all over the world. We’ve expanded our partnership agreements, acquired a company, opened up offices in different countries, and developed our product to suit varying industries.

Our Vision

Here at Cyferd, we are an accountable group driven to solve some of the world’s biggest data challenges through ethical, agile digital transformation.


Here at Cyferd, we strive to build an ethical, accountable group dedicated to solving some of the corporate world’s most pressing digital challenges. Our company is proud to be an inclusive environment for all. We aim to help break down the barriers traditionally present for underrepresented groups in the digital transformation industry.


Two heads are better than one. As a company with employees all over the world, we expertly know the benefits of working remotely and combining ideas from everywhere. Our managers encourage collaboration and seek out results first. As a company, we embrace difference – we know everyone works in different ways.


At Cyferd, we take ownership of our work and strive to challenge ourselves to improve and innovate every day. We believe that people solve challenges the best when they’re given the responsibility and support to tackle them. Rather than a traditional hierarchical structure, everyone’s voice is valued; our interns often meaningfully contribute in meetings with C-suite executives.

At Cyferd we aim to represent our values
in everything that we do!

“Talent will get you to Cyferd, your commitment and values will determine how far you go”


Be open to change and feedback, and recognize the potential of others.


Vital to a healthy work environment, each department plays a key role in the success of Cyferd.


Determination and hard work are what fuel Cyferd. Hard work helps each employee grow, develop and satisfy their goals.


Bring positivity into every day of your work life. Embrace change and strive for success.


Listen, think analytically, be creative, and communicate with your team.

Our Company Goals

We grow stronger, together.

of Thought

At Cyferd, we strive to adopt a comprehensive approach to equal opportunity, and we recognize that diversity in all forms is integral to our company’s success. From an equality-based approach to hiring, to facilitating regular company inclusivity check-ins, our team prioritizes having a diverse community.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand that our company is so much more than just a product. Cyferd comes alive with the help of the network of customers, and organizations who we communicate with to innovate digital transformation solutions together.

We have implemented programs like CAP and Cyferd Paragons to better connect with external organizations, like our customers and partners, and we remain dedicated to communicating and supporting the people that make Cyferd run effectively.

Explosive Product Development

From inception to execution, high growth is what we’re looking for. In our first year of operation, we developed our product while expanding our company across continents. We’ve taken on customer contracts in industries like healthcare, housing, and more; we won’t stop until our platform can support dozens of industries by creating business solutions.

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